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Women in technology & culture : An in-progress list of women researchers, designers & artists working in pervasive computing-related fields

If you know anyone who should be added to the list - especially if she works outside North America or Europe - please let me know. And if you know any changes in affiliation, location or interests for the current list, please let me know that too.

last updated 7 December, 2006

Yasmine Abbas Harvard Graduate School of Design nomadic architecture, kinetic art, urban computing USA
Maribeth Back FX Palo Alto Lab smart environments, physical computing, augmented media USA

Ayah Bdeir

MIT Computing Culture Group wearables, surveillance, control, bodies, dress USA
Genevieve Bell Intel People & Practices Research cross-cultural studies, domestic technologies, mobile technologies USA
Victoria Bellotti PARC Computer Science Lab cscw, ubicomp USA
Joey Berzowska XS Labs wearables, physical computing, electronic textiles, networked objects, play Canada
Kirsten Boehner Cornell University technologies in public places USA
Leah Buechley University of Colorado at Boulder electronic textiles and wearable computing, tangible interfaces, human computer interaction USA
Jean Burgess Queensland University of Technology vernacular creativity, amateur economies, cultural production, critical design Australia
Janet Cahn Bose voice modeling, wearables, mobile devices USA
Kirsten Cater University of Bristol mobile, wearable, pervasive computing UK
Michele Chang (old link) ReD Associates interaction design research Denmark
Tanzeem Choudhary Intel Research Seattle Lab wearable sensing devices and machine learning techniques USA
Elizabeth Churchill PARC technologies in public places, augmented spaces USA
Luigina Ciolfi University of Limerick interaction design, place, interactive physical spaces Ireland
Jill Coffin Electronics Laboratory responsive garments, conductive textiles, free/open source collaboration and production Switzerland
Sunny Consolvo Intel Research Seattle Lab place lab, location-awareness, networked objects, privacy USA
Beatriz da Costa Artist rfid, surveillance, performance, politics USA
Angela Dalton Duke University privacy in ubiquitous computing environments USA
Régine Debatty Blogger wireless and networked art Italy
Kelly Dobson MIT Computing Culture Group wearables, emotional machines USA
Linda Doyle Trinity College Dublin emerging networks, disruptive design Ireland
Maria Ebling IBM Research context-aware computing, privacy USA
Geraldine Fitzpatrick Sussex University pervasive computing, cscw, ucd, hci UK
Constance Fleuriot University of Bristol mobility, children, community UK
Laura Forlano Columbia University / NYC Wireless mobile work, public wifi USA
Limor Fried Artist Engineer wearables, personal space, defense USA
Anne Galloway Carleton University pervasive computing, design, ethnography, space and culture Canada
Layla Gaye Future Applications Lab, Viktoria Institute sound design, wearables, sensors, urban space, play, everyday objects Sweden
Elizabeth Goodman UC Berkeley School of Information location-based gaming, technologies of physical fitness USA
Nicola Green University of Surrey embodied interaction, culture, gender, mobility UK
Helen Greiner iRobot robots for industrial, consumer and military markets USA
Sascha Harris-Cronin Artist physical computing USA
Beverly Harrison ?? human factors, engineering, telepresence ??
Rania Ho Artist physical computing, industrial design, everyday life China
Anab Jain Designer physical computing, wifi, responsive objects UK
Natalie Jeremijenko Yale University tangible media, physical computing, hci, sensors, robotics USA
Christine Julien University of Texas at Austin mobile and pervasive computing: middleware, algorithms, formal methods USA
Katrina Jungnickel University of Surrey wireless technologies, visual representation, mobility, urban spaces UK
Michelle Kasprzak Artist / New Media Scotland site-specific technologies & performances Canada / Scotland
Sarah Kaufman Urban planner urban telecommunications, ubicomp USA
Boriana Koleva University of Nottingham hci, mixed reality, boundaries UK
Norene Leddy Artist wearables, GPS, surveillance, urban interactions, ubicomp USA
Crista Lopes University of California ubicomp, hci USA
Maya Lotan Designer mobile & physical computing Israel
Pattie Maes MIT Media Lab designing interfaces that are more immersive, more intelligent, and more interactive USA
Jen Mankoff Carnegie Mellon University ubicomp, assistive technologies, evaluation techniques USA
Karen Marcelo Technologist robotics, prosthetics, networked computing USA
Karen Martin Uuniversity College London ubiquitous, wearable and tangible interfaces, mobile interaction UK
Jane McGonigal University of California at Berkeley ubicomp, augmented reality, games, play, performance, public, urban USA
Katherine Moriwaki Trinity College Dublin networked objects, wearables USA
Ulla-Maaria Mutanen University of Helsinki craft, networked objects, collaboration, play, management Finland
Maggie Orth International Fashion Machines electronic textiles, wearables USA
Sue Peters Lancaster University mobility, networks, identity UK
Melanie Rieback Vrije Universiteit rfid, security, privacy Netherlands
Lisa Roberts BLINK film, new media & mobile technology UK
Toni Robertson University of Technology, Sydney hci, interaction design and usability issues in mobile and ubiquitous computing Australia
Yvonne Rogers Indiana University hci, cscw, ubicomp, playful learning, collaboration USA
Abigail Sellen Microsoft Research Cambridge socio-digital systems, hci, ubicomp UK
Phoebe Sengers Cornell University computer science, cultural theory, culturally-embedded computing, critical practice USA
Sabine Seymour Moondial Fashionable Technology wearables, fashion technologies USA
Jennifer Sheridan Lancaster University HCI, wireless sensor technologies, digital live art, phonecam interaction, large-screen displays UK
Gemma Shusterman MIT Computing Culture Group mobile computing, wearables, identity, expression USA
Elizabeth Shove Lancaster University design and consumption, practice theory UK
Brooke Singer Artist augmented reality, environment, surveillance USA
Molly Steenson Yale School of Architecture mobile urbanism, gender USA
Carol Strohecker Strohecker Associates computational tools & learnign environments USA
Lucy Suchman Lancaster University new technology design, science studies, feminist theory, ethnography UK
Beverly Tang Artist metalsmithing and jewelry, light sculptures and lamps, fashion for the 21st century USA
Michelle Teran Artist urban spaces, collaboration, play, public Canada
Mette Ramsgard Thomsen CITA architecture, hybrid space, responsive materials & environments Denmark
Nina Wakeford University of Surrey ethnography, engineering, computing, design, mobility UK
Laura Watts Lancaster University mobile telecoms industries, future archaeology UK
Amanda Williams University of California physical interfaces, ubicomp, urban computing USA
Katharine Willis Bauhaus University of Weimar situated interaction, urban space, wayfinding, mobile and wireless technologies Germany


Thanks to Julian and Mike for their contributions to the first list, and to everyone who continues to add to it.


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