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Galloway, Anne and Matthew Ward. 2006. "Locative Media as Socialising and Spatialising Practice: Learning from Archaeology." Leonardo Electronic Almanac, Vol. 14, Issue 3/4.

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book chapters

Galloway, Anne. (in press). "Mobile Publics and Issues-Based Art and Design." In Sampling the Spectrum, edited by Barbara Crow, Michael Longford and Kim Sawchuck, Toronto: University of Toronto Press.

Galloway, Anne. (2007). "Seams and Scars, Or How to Locate Accountability in Collaborative Work." In (Un)common Ground: Creative Encounters across Sectors and Disciplines, edited by Cathy Brickwood, Bronac Ferran, David Garcia and Tim Putnam, Amsterdam: BIS Publishers.

Galloway, Anne. “Mobility: A Conceit.” In The Mobile Audience, edited by Martin Reiser, London: British Film Institute.

invited lectures & keynote addresses

Galloway, Anne. 2007. "Keynote address: 'Where I come from this is how we do things' and other ethics of collaboration." ENTER_Unknown Territories Conference, 25-27 April, 2007, Cambridge, UK.

Galloway, Anne. 2007. "Layering Technologies." Framtidens Mobil Lecture Series, Norsk Form and Oslo School of Architecture and Design, 11 April, 2007, Oslo, Norway.

Galloway, Anne. 2007. “Design research as critical practice.” 29 th Annual Seminar, Carleton University School of Industrial Design, 12-13 January, 2007, Ottawa, Canada.

Galloway, Anne. 2006. “Of seams and scars: Tracing technological boundaries and points of attachment.” Fleshing Out: Wearable Interfaces, Smart Materials and Living Fabrics Seminar, 9-10 November, 2006, Rotterdam, Netherlands.

Galloway, Anne. 2006. “Technosocial devices of everyday life.” Architecture and Situated Technologies Symposium, 19-21 October, 2006, New York, USA.

Galloway, Anne. 2006. “Seeding a mongrel practice: Anthropological reflections on design + art + everyday life.” School of Art + Design Lecture Series, University of Illinois, 9 October, 2006, Urbana-Champaign, USA.

Galloway, Anne. 2006. "Location-aware technologies, spatial-annotation, and the fate of community.” Contemporary Architecture Discourse Colloquium, Yale School of Architecture, 31 March, 2006, New Haven, USA.

Galloway, Anne. 2005. “Keynote Address: Playful Mobilities. Critical Mobilities.” Floating Points 2: Networked Art in Public Space Symposium, Emerson College, 26 January, 2005, Boston, USA.

conference & workshop presentations

Galloway, Anne. 2007. "Towards Issues-Based Art and Design Research." Mobile Nation Conference, 22-25 March, 2007, Toronto, Canada.

Galloway, Anne. 2006. "Collective remembering and the importance of forgetting: a critical design challenge.” Designing for Collective Remembering Workshop, CHI 2006, 23 April, 2006, Montreal, Canada.

Galloway, Anne. 2005. "Design in the Parliament of Things.” Design Engaged, 11-13 November, 2005, Berlin, Germany.

Galloway, Anne. 2005. "Virtually ubiquitous, actually situated: mobile & context-aware computing.” Canadian Association of Cultural Studies Conference, University of Alberta, 20-23 October, 2005, Edmonton, Canada.

Galloway, Anne, Jonah Brucker-Cohen, Lalya Gaye, Elizabeth Goodman, Dan Hill. 2004. “Design for Hackability.” DIS 2004, 1-4 August, 2004, Cambridge, USA.

Galloway, Anne. 2004. “Cities & Mobile Technologies: The Sounds of Mobility.” Approaching the 'city': Alternative urban studies conference, INCITE, University of Surrey, 15-16 January, 2004, Surrey, UK.

Galloway, Anne. 2004. “Playful Mobilities: Ubiquitous Computing in the City (Part I).” Alternative Mobility Futures Conference, Centre for Mobilities Research, Lancaster University, 9-11 January, 2004, Lancaster, UK.

Galloway, Anne, Martin Ludvigsen, Hillevi Sundholm and Alan Munro. 2003. “From Bovine Horde to Urban Players: Multidisciplinary Interaction Design for Alternative City Tourisms.” Designing for Ubicomp in the Wild Workshop, MUM 2003, 10-12 December, 2003, Norrköping, Sweden.

Galloway, Anne. 2003. “Tracing Technological Intimacies: Ubiquitous Computing Assemblages.” Intimate Ubiquitous Computing Workshop, UbiComp 2003, 12-15 October, 2003, Seattle, USA.

Galloway, Anne. 2003. “The Augmented City.” Digital Genres Conference, 30-31 May, 2003, Chicago, USA.

Galloway, Anne. 2002. “Going Anywhere, Being Everywhere: Metaphors of Mobility for Ubiquitous Computing.” Concepts and Models for Ubiquitous Computing Workshop, UbiComp 2002, 29 September - 1 October, 2002, Göteborg, Sweden.

magazine articles

Galloway, Anne. 2004. “Fashion Sensing / Fashioning Sense : A Conversation About Aesthetics with International Fashion Machines' Maggie Orth.” HorizonZero Issue 16, August 2004.

Galloway, Anne. 2004. “Mobility as world-building/technologies at play.” receiver Issue 10, June 2004.

book reviews

Galloway, Anne. 2003. "Five Books on Design and Culture." Space and Culture 6(3):340-344.


“Inside the Ivory Tower", Guardian Unlimited, Sept 23, 2004.

“Balancing Utility With Privacy”, Wired News, Oct 21, 2003.


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