Thursday, March 22, 2007

Trains and tumblelogs

So I'm teaching this afternoon and I'm off to Toronto first thing in the morning for the Mobile Nation Conference. I opted on the train instead of flying, which makes it a five-hour trip, but trains are my favourite form of transportation, I've got a stack of student papers to mark, and I'm looking forward to staring out the window as I eat my fancy-schmancy VIA 1 breakfast. I'll do my best to post my conference notes as I go, but the 3-day programme is, well, rather demanding. In any case, if you're there please come say hello!

In other news, Purse Lip Square Jaw now includes a tumblelog of things I find interesting but really don't have anything to say about. It's called, unimaginately enough, the plsj tumblelog and it comes with an rss feed. I started experimenting with Tumblr because has come to feel a bit too tight, and I really liked their recognition that I want to bookmark different kinds of things, and emphasise them in different ways. So far, so good. But I can't vouch for their customer service: after firing off an email to support last week, I still haven't gotten a response.

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