Sunday, July 29, 2007

Over the past five weeks I...

admired magnificent mountains and stunning lakes; saw hundreds of prairie dogs, a small herd of bison, a dozen mule deer and one elk; visited with a much loved friend; looked out over rolling foothills and down over waterfalls; engaged in countless stimulating conversations; appreciated the moving beauty of barley, flax and wheat fields; attended one family funeral and then, as if that weren't enough, went to one more; drank a lot of red wine; stood impressed by small armies of windmills; hid from thunder and lightning; appreciated hundreds of bales of hay; read one mostly enjoyable book and then a very good one; laughed from deep in my belly and cried from somewhere deeper than that; took in many herds of cattle and one small flock of sheep; spent wonderful days with my mum and dad, and with my little sister and my nephew; contemplated piles of dead buffalo and several tipis; stood in awe of river valleys and big skies; and ate too much good food.

A blessed life, for sure, and special thanks to Andreas Broeckmann and Sarat Maharaj for taking such good care of me.


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