Saturday, February 10, 2007

In the pipe, amongst other things

Everything below will be posted online as it becomes available.

"Touchpaedia 1.0" - an 'encyclopaedia of touch'

(For Touch.)

"Mobile Publics and Issues-Based Art & Design" - a book chapter that, amongst other things, takes a critical look at what we mean by 'public.'

or Sampling the Spectrum, edited by Barbara Crow, Michael Longford and Kim Sawchuk.)

"Seams and Scars, Or How to Locate Accountability in Collaborative Work" - an essay that, amongst other things, looks for evidence of erasure.

(For Uncommon Ground, edited by Cathy Brickwood and David Garcia.)

"Towards issues-based art and design research" - a presentation on, amongst other things, how to do 'public' research.

(For Mobile Nation Conference, Mar 22-25, 2007.)

"Blogs as Modern Equipment?" - a paper about, amongst other things, methods of anthropological inquiry.

(From dissertation to journal submission.)

"Ubiquitous Computing as Technosocial Research Agenda" - a paper about, amongst other things, how claiming that ubicomp already exists confuses the issues.

(From dissertation to journal submission.)

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