Thursday, April 8, 2010

Locative media and mediated localities

The latest issue of Aether: The Journal of Media Geography is now out. Guest edited by Tristan Thielmann (University of Siegen), the topic is locative media and mediated localities:

Locative Media and Mediated Localities (pdf)
Tristan Thielmann
Locative Networking (pdf)
Greg Elmer
Locating Media Futures in the Present (pdf)
Anne Galloway
From Radar to Reader (pdf)
Christoph Rosol
Hidden Treasure (pdf)
Katharine Willis
A Moment of Experimentation (pdf)
Sophia Drakopoulou
Modes of Being in Mobile Telecommunication (pdf)
Miya Yoshida
The Power of Momentary Communities (pdf)
Michael Salmond

There is all sorts of interesting work here worth taking at look at, and I'll be presenting some related research at the Media in Action Conference in June.

In related news, I'm almost done revisions for an essay on the affective politics of urban computing and locative media for Ulrik Ekman's forthcoming book Throughout: Art and Culture Emerging with Ubiquitous Computing. And, for the last of my dissertation-related research, I've got a journal article currently under review. I'll post both pieces here as soon as I can.

Update 09/04/10: Serial Consign has posted an interview with locative media artist, scholar and educator Jeremy Hight that includes some interesting thoughts on technologically mediated spaces and narratives:

"We also are seeing what really excites me as a writer and researcher which is new ways to write and publish within maps and their augmentations, so not just locative narrative but even...a literary journal in the augmentation where Route 66 once ran or inside an immersive visualization of an abandoned building that is placed on its space in the map."


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