Wednesday, February 10, 2010

In search of elegance

Walking along Oriental Parade on the way to work this morning I saw an old man watching the tugs bring in a container ship. I stopped and said "Aren't those ships impressive?" He smiled at me and replied, "Aye. But not very elegant." We watched in silence for a few moments before his smile faded. "Young people today don't see elegance, just function," he proclaimed. I thought for a moment and replied, "I wonder how many values are lost because we don't get exposed to them?" After another moment I added, "But I sure do like the tugboats. They seem strong and happy." He smiled broadly and said, "Aye. They do have a rugged elegance."


Blogger Alex de Freitas said...

Great post Anne! I live adjacent the Ports of Auckland and often ride my bike as far out onto the wharf as possible to watch the ships slip and and out.

Auckland's tug boats are much stronger looking than Wellington's...even in their sheer size....but they definitely don't appear as happy.

Blogger charlie gower said...

that's lovely.


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