Friday, June 20, 2008

A never-ending story

I've got some consulting work to finish, a bit of reading and writing to do, classes to start planning, and 87 email in my inbox that need answers.

All I want to do is roll Katamari.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Announcement and invitation

by Anne Galloway

Dissertation for the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy
Department of Sociology & Anthropology
Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada

To be defended in public on Friday 11 July, 2008 at 09:00 in Loeb Building A715

(image fibre design)

Rob Shields, Henry Marshall Tory Chair and Professor, Sociology and Art & Design, University of Alberta

Gitte Lindgaard, NSERC/Cognos Chair and Professor, Psychology, Director Human Oriented Technology Lab, Carleton University

Carlos Novas, Assistant Professor, Sociology, Carleton University

External Examiner
Mike Michael, Professor, Sociology, Goldsmith’s College, University of London


Read the introduction (pdf)


Thanks to everyone online and offline who accompanied me in this adventure--I could not have done it without you.

Special thanks go to Jason Kiss, who made all this possible and worthwhile. I am also deeply grateful to Bob Krukowski, Nikki Guerrero, Craig Davey, John Stevenson, Daphne Guerrero, Jean Burgess, Matt Webb, Timo Arnall, Rod McLaren and Molly Steenson for their support when things got hard.

This dissertation is dedicated to my mum, Betty Jean Galloway, who taught me to never give up.


Sunday, June 1, 2008

Networks of Design

Networks of Design

3-6 September, 2008
University College Falmouth
Cornwall UK

Networks of Design "responds to recent academic interest in the fields of design history, technology and the social sciences in the ‘networks’ of interactions that inform knowledge formation and design. Studying networks foregrounds infrastructure, negotiations, processes, strategies of interconnection, and the heterogeneous relationships between people and things."

Thematic Strands

Networks of Texts: including images, documents & databases
Networks of Ideas: including theories, disciplines & concepts (among them ANT)
Networks of Technology: including mechanical & virtual technologies
Networks of Things: including material & technological artefacts
Networks of People: including collectives & individuals

If I could choose one conference to attend this year, this would be it, and if their website were better designed I'd be able to link directly to the completely amazing line-up of people and papers.

(I also hope to one day finally see an academic conference website that at least publishes abstracts, if not full papers, as well as author contact information. Apparently the irony of excluding these is lost on them.)

In any case, keynote speakers include Bruno Latour and my friends Matt Ward and Alex Wilkie will be presenting "Made in Criticalland: Designing Matters of Concern." Right on.

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