Thursday, December 6, 2007

Happy holidays

Of all the events marked by ritual, I think that the long descent into night is amongst the most important to me. Truth is I've never really adapted to the northern climate; each and every year I genuinely wonder if I'll make it through the winter. Sure, there are moments of exquisite pleasure that only snowy days offer--like now--but it's just so bloody bleak most of the time that all I can do is endure. Nonetheless, I've learned that patience is indeed a virtue and alongside the pain, there can be a lot of pleasure in tests of endurance. Some of it comes from the satisfaction of emerging safe and sound on the other side, but along the way there's also the simple gratitude that comes with learning who your true friends are, and the gentle joy that comes with surrendering to the situation.

Fellow northerners, may your light burn bright on this longest of nights--and may everyone find peace and joy in the coming year.

Update: Old Soviet Christmas card collection (via)


Blogger peter said...

I can recommend lots of candles in your house, and make sure to get out in the cold for a long walk or something daily. Both are crucial.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Merry Xmas Anne And the Hammish Family :)

Just knowing that there are people out there as smart as you, And teaching others!! Is a gift of hope.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

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