Thursday, September 6, 2007

Of Art & Archaeology

Via archaeolog, here's an interesting-sounding event taking place in Dublin alongside the 6th World Archaeological Congress in June & July 2008:

Ábhar agus Meon

"We live, capriciously enmeshed in a world of things. In the process of human becoming, both artists and archaeologists, as skilled negotiators, mediators and translators of things, have opportunities to steward, provoke and subvert our intra-relationships in the shared ecologies of our world. Today, artists and archaeologists are turning towards each other to exchange experiences, narratives and revelations. This exhibition celebrates new and also longstanding relationships between art and archaeology through the practices and processes of contemporary artists.

Continuing the collaborative exhibition of contemporary art and archaeology established by the Rosc exhibitions in Ireland in the 1960s and 70s, Ábhar agus Meon turns towards the rich etymologies of the Irish language to present the challenge of negotiating, mediating and translating the relationships entwining humans and things. ‘Ábhar’ carries meanings of not only materials and matters but also subjects and themes, while ‘meon’ hints at mentality, ethos, spirit and temperament. Rather than merely asserting polarisations of mind and body, the theme Ábhar agus Meon suggests a multiplicity of intra-relationships between mutually indistinguishable conceptions of things and thoughts.

Through a curated programme of visual arts exhibits, temporary and permanent installations, performances, demonstrations, workshops, web-based exhibitions and field trips to rural arts projects, Ábhar agus Meon will explore the materials which constitute things, the tempering of materials through artistic and archaeological processes, the shared subjects of artistic and archaeological inquiry, the collaborative spirit of artistic and archaeological endeavours, the ethos of artistic and archaeological mediations, and the mentalities represented, constructed and subverted through artistic and archaeological expression."

Deadline for application 14 October 2007


Anne Galloway & Matt Ward, 2006, Locative Media As Socialising And Spatialising Practice: Learning From Archaeology, Leonardo Electronic Almanac 14(3-4)

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