Thursday, March 29, 2007

"So. Anne. When are you going to be done your dissertation?"

Darwin 'was committed to publish'
"A Cambridge historian with access to Darwin's papers says there is simply no evidence to show the naturalist held back his evolution theory. Dr John van Wyhe says the scientist was just busy with other writings and also sporadically hindered by ill-health. 'If you read his letters from the 'gap years', as I call them, there are many references to his friends and relatives about what he intends to do with his theory - and that is to publish once he has finished his other work,' Dr van Wyhe told BBC News. 'The problem was that 'other work' took him far longer than he expected'."

Charles Darwin by Stephen Alcorn

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Anonymous Larry Irons said...


Just put it all is as much a rite of passage as a demonstration and performance...remember what you don't know and admit it...highlight what you do know and support it...just a few words from a looooong experience with a dissertation...

Blogger k said...

ah man, can i just say that i hear mr. darwin loud and clear. other work is for sure taking longer than expected... sigh! k

Anonymous jean said...

Anne: good answer! ;)

Blogger Alexis Tan?ibok said...

ah! another sufferer!


Anonymous a very public sociologist said...

Darwin's an inspiration to procrastinating PhD'ers everywhere!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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