Thursday, February 8, 2007


Being an Unperson from silentmiaow

This is one of the most astounding things I have ever seen.


About Being Considered "Retarded"

In My Language


Anonymous Kevin said...

I know, it's amazing, isn't it? I count it the first memorable thing I've seen on Youtube that is serious, and not a freakshow or laugh (which I also enjoy.) It's not only the content, it's the delivery, the medium, how the premise of the piece changes when it has 900000K hits listed under it. I keep thinking about this video, and have shown it in class already. So much to think about here, and without going the problematic route of "othering" through ascription of special genius.

Anonymous anne said...

Are you talking specifically about "In My Language"? "Being an Unperson" has 3226 views.... Although all this does make me wonder how the hit count might affect a premise.

Anonymous Craig Davey said...

Is autism communicable? (Also, does communicability increase with wealth (w) of the index case, where w > 1 billlion views on YouTube?).

Also, have you ever pressed the "Accessibility" icon next to the word verification field for this Blogger comment form? It's fucked up, but it works.

Anonymous Chuck said...

Thanks for this, Anne. It's one of the most interesting videos I've seen in some time on or off of YouTube.

Like Kevin, I may find a way to show this in one of my classes.

Anonymous mo said...

.. interesting to see. I do not think it is the 'first memorable' thing here. But it calls up a lot and more than it deserves the ambiguity of the DIY publishing sytems .. or may be it reminds just intensely to our own repressed ambiguities in terms of 'othering' ...
Indeed thanks for posting .. guess that makes a point of difference ..


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