Saturday, February 17, 2007

Reset. Go!

Chinese New Year is fast approaching, and so too my opportunity to begin the year in better fashion.

Most importantly, on Monday we'll be moving house after four very long months of upstairs neighbours re-defining my understanding of self-absorption and testing my faith in the next generation. I'm seriously counting on finally being able to work during the day and sleep through the night, which I'm hoping will also finally allow me to meet some long overdue deadlines. Really, I had underestimated how difficult the rest of life becomes when one's home is no longer a sanctuary - or even somewhere you want to be. It's hard to be professional, or even happy, in this situation.

So now I've got some packing to do. It's an unpleasant task for sure, but today I'm boosted by the thought of getting to unpack it somewhere better and knowing that it won't be me who is moving it all in -20 degree weather. Be back next week!


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