Thursday, December 21, 2006


Work is proceeding apace on the Touchpśdia, I've got two papers almost set for publication, and another getting ready to go to review. More than half of this writing will go directly into my dissertation so I consider that to be moving along nicely as well. Not a bad way to end the year! I start teaching again on January 3rd, so my holiday isn't very long, but I'm looking forward to the class and hoping that I can still get everything else done by spring.

It may also be getting dark at 4:00, but with no snow and mild temperatures it's hard to believe that it's nearing the end of December. Still, the winter solstice is tomorrow so here's wishing people up north a light that burns bright through this longest of nights--and to everyone, may your days be full of love and joy.

(The wicked Christmas illustration is by RaphaŽl of My Dead Pony - just one of the fine artists featured this month at the picture-a-day Thunder Chunky Xmas Project.)


Anonymous robert run said...

greetings from the upper peninsula of mi.

i have a bunch of wintery, and specifically, today, solstice-y things..

so i hope you enjoy them.. they are nice..

Anonymous R. said...

Dear Anne,

You rock, I am glad you like my illustration.

Interesting blog :) you made me discover Chris Jordan's work

Take care.



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