Saturday, November 25, 2006

New course: Science, technology and innovation

Next term I'll be teaching a fourth-year undergraduate seminar on science, technology and innovation, and I've set up a website/weblog for students and anyone else who is interested. If you don't have access to an academic library and would like to read any of the assigned articles, please just email me.


Anonymous Sam Kinsley said...

Anne, this looks like a really interesting course and very timely too! There seem to be so few people addressing the pedagogical gap in the politico-ethical issues surrounding science and technology. So often normative accounts of the place and value of science and technology both in culture and society are assumed in discussion of past, present and future developments. I am also really pleased to see someone using Stengers' work, particularly 'The Invention of Modern Science', in teaching. Great stuff!

I'd love to hear how this goes down with the students as I'd be keen on adopting a similar approach when they finally let me loose on undergraduates beyond their first year.

Anonymous anne said...

thanks sam! i'll let you know how it goes ;)


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