Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Further lessons learned

The same items I was allowed to carry through Stansted were seized in Rotterdam. The apparent reason for this discrepancy? The Brits (and me) weren't able to convert grams to millilitres and the Dutch were. Total cost: CAD 70. Ouch!


Anonymous Hamish a.k.a. Dad. said...

Ummmm....considering a gram of feathers occupies about 1000 millilitres, whereas a gram of gold - maybe a little less than 1 millilitre? Or was it something more mundane you were trying to import? no! no! not that evil liquor :-). Welcome home.

Anonymous anne said...

thanks dad, i now feel even more like a genius ;) who knew that deodorant and face cream would be more of a problem than a bottle of scotch?!


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