Friday, November 24, 2006

Becoming the salmon

"donít flounder, anne, become the salmon. jump up the stream, against the flow! you just know those salmon are having a kick arse time, showing off to each other, fucking around, dodging bears and shit. it is the extreme sports of the fish world. phding as extreme sport!"

Hmm. Should I be concerned that this is probably the most helpful thing I've heard in a while? Nah. I'm just gonna go with it. Thanks Glen for speaking my language. (photo)


Blogger Chris said...

And unlike the salmon, you probably won't die after an orgy when you've finished your PhD. ;)

I finished The Human Condition, by the way... well, I finished *reading* it. It will be a while before I have anything coherent to say about it, but it was certainly well worth the read! :)

Godspeed and other archaic ways of wishing success!


Anonymous molly said...

... or if you do, it would've been a fun way to go...

this was awesome. i love this and will keep it in mind these next few weeks as the mini masters salmon i am.

Anonymous glen said...



Blogger Demetris said...

Thanks Glen!
And thank you Anne!

I knew I should have taken out some form of extreme sports health insurance beforehand but I guess fish don't care about that.


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