Saturday, October 28, 2006


For the symposium I recently attended, I added, for the first time, something personal to my biography - and at least half a dozen people wanted to talk to me about that instead of my presentation, which I thought was cool.

You see, I love comics. I don't tend to go for manga, nor do I really get into traditional superhero comics - but I do think that superheroes are super interesting and that Dan Clowes' Eightball #23 was a brilliant, if unconventional, contribution to the genre. So the comics I like the most tend to be found in the corner of the comic store labelled as (sigh) "alternative" or "underground" or sometimes simply "adult." I also like what literature-types call "graphic novels," although I'm with Clowes when he says they're really just "comic-strip novels" or long comics. (Of course there are graphic novels that compile serialised comics, and then there are comics that are published as one long story. I like both.)

I like lots of different kinds of stories, but I was introduced to the world of comics through Los Bros Hernandez. I have to smile remembering when we were 16, and Colleen & I used to get called Maggie & Hopey, but before that I'd never read stories about women that I enjoyed as much as the ones in Love & Rockets. (If you only ever read two graphic novels, they really should be Palomar - which collects Gilbert's comics, and Locas - which compiles Jaime's work).

Anyway, I think I actually squeaked with excitement when I saw Gilbert Hernandez's new graphic novel, Sloth, on the shelf at Midtown Comics last Sunday. And it's good. Really good. You can check out the first few pages here.

I also brought these home:

Jessica Abel - La Perdida
I read the first few in serial form and am looking forward to reading the rest. It's all about the spaces-in-between...

Alison Bechdel - Fun Home
I wasn't familiar with Dykes To Watch Out For, but I read a Guardian review of Fun Home and thought "This chick is super cool!" so I bought her book.

Marjane Satrapi - Chicken With Plums
The latest from another of my all-time favourites. Wickedly human stories.

David B. - Epileptic
I've heard good things about this... It's dark and gorgeous to look at, and I have a deep thing for intimately cut stories too, so we'll see.


Anonymous Steve said...

The David B. book is really, really good.

It's not really similar to any of the things you mentioned, but if you're not familiar with Richard Sala's work, you might enjoy that, too.

(Long time no comment -- glad you're doing well!)


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