Friday, September 22, 2006

Teaching Carnival: Pod People

So. I've become one of those freaky teachers that during my undergrad left me speechless and vaguely wishing I could flee. I mean the poor guy simply wanted some feedback on his research proposal. He mentioned an interest in culinary traditions and technologies and I blurt out with full conviction that the history and impact of refrigeration is ABSOLUTELY FASCINATING! (When I was his age I never imagined my lips would speak that combination of words, and apparently I'm still struggling to not put pressure on people like that. Sigh.) But, bless his kind spirit, he found a way at the end of our conversation to let me know he'd give the question of refrigeration some thought. tag: teaching-carnival

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Blogger cwang said...

LOL ! Im imagining that poor guy just kinda wondering what he just got himself into... and tottally flabbergasted

Blogger Torill said...

Yep! We turn into - humans, don't we? with all the flaws we never thought we'd have. Rather reassuring really :)

Anonymous anne said...

gee, thanks christine! ;)

torill - how wonderful to hear from you! and you're right, it is comforting in a weird way. thanks for reminding me :)

Blogger Anand said...

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