Saturday, September 16, 2006

New mobilities journal: Wi

Wi: Journal of the Mobile Digital Commons Network

"Welcome to Wi, the journal of the Mobile Digital Commons Network (MDCN). Wi publishes the latest in Canadian mobilities research, encompassing disciplines such as design, engineering, computer science, communications and media studies. Currently focusing on the research work of MDCN projects, Wi aims to expand its purview in the coming months to include other national and international scholarship, artistic productions and design research on mobility, wireless technologies, and digital media."

Vol. 1, Issue 1

A Letter from our Editors-in-Chief (Barbara Crow, York University & Kim Sawchuk, Concordia University) html | pdf

Mapping the Mobile Digital Commons Network (Michael Longford, Concordia University) html | pdf

p2P: Cityspeak's Reconfiguration of Public Media Space (Marrousia Lévesque, Lucie Bélanger & Jason Lewis, Concordia University) html | pdf

The Liminal Magic Circle: Boundaries, Frames, and Participation in Pervasive Mobile Games (Alison Harvey, Concordia University) html | pdf

The Persistence of Surveillance: The Panoptic Potential of Locative Media (Andrea Zeffiro, Concordia University) html | pdf

Learning From Commercial Mobile Games (Janice Leung, York University) html | pdf

Iterative and Digital: The Use of Blogs and Wikis in Social Science Research (Neil Barratt, Concordia University) html | pdf

Editor's Choice (Top Links on Mobility Related Websites)
  1. The 4th Screen
  2. Mobility, Vectors: Journal of Culture & Technology in a Dynamic Vernacular
  3. Keitai: Mobility, Culture and User Experience
  4. Locative Media Special, Leonardo Electronic Almanac
  5. Vodafone's Receiver Magazine


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