Saturday, September 16, 2006


I can't concentrate this morning--my thoughts change direction about every ten seconds. Maybe I should teach Nietzsche next term. Cool! Thought-controlled prosthetics. I need to get my presentation ready for UIUC next week. What the hell is Survivor thinking? I want more coffee. But I really want to teach Stengers. Where's the cat? I wonder what'll be available at the farmer's market on Sunday? I never considered C. Wright Mills to be amusing--inspired for sure--but Ulises is right, he's kind of witty too. Man, the construction worker banter next door is driving me crazy. I need to go back over Canetti's writings on the crowd. I can't decide which Latour to teach. I think it was 1895 or so when Gustave Le Bon said that "the age we are about to enter will in truth be the era of crowds." Yup, and then generals gathered in their masses. The making of prosciutto sounds lovely, doesn't it? I must iron that skirt this afternoon. I'm surprised there isn't more email from students. Where did I take my sneakers off this time? The definition of empire is weird, but this is pretty good propaganda. Isn't there a shitpile of work I could be doing? I gotta go for a walk.


Anonymous Leah Ingrid MacLennan said...

If I were you and had a teaching job, I'd opt for teaching Nietzsche! For one thing, he's heads n shoulders (and more) above the other people you mention, Latour and Mills. I'd start with "Schopenhauer as Educator" n pieces of "Birth of Tragedy", then go to "Dawn", then to "Beyond Good n Evil" and end up with the glorious "Zarathustra". I'd spend most of the semester on Z.

Isn't that a nice fantasy for an economist to have?

PS: It's (almost) always a good idea to go for a walk! Leah

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wait, Go faster, Slow down, U past the future store, I miss my x girlfriend when im naked, how do u spell rareity? Whats the word that comes just befor love? No need to get a restaining order we have the same lawyer! Im happy tonight:)--- Do u have a Dog? cats make my eyes water "alergies" i wonder if my wife will ever give me a divorce as a present/ on a seprate note" i also love my Dad:) Its raining in Montreal/ cats and dogs, im walking a lot and my eyes are watering! I hope u get a chance to concentrate on ur task at hand..


Why not?!!!!! Thanks:)do i need a reason?


Anonymous Craig said...

Is there a Stengers renaissance going on at Carleton? Overheard the new sci-tech hire and a grad student talking about Stengers on Friday. And Thurtle was into that as well, who was replaced, incidentally, by the new sci-tech hire...

Anonymous anne said...

Her work is part of the canon, so to speak. And I thought the new scitech hire wasn't coming until next year. (In the meantime they get to exploit my cheap labour.)

Anonymous Craig said...

Carlos is around, but he was given permission to finish his post-doc before taking up the duties of a faculty member - which is where you come in, I suppose.


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