Saturday, September 9, 2006

Letting the monster out, Or how to finish a dissertation publically and collaboratively

I can no longer settle on a title, so the dissertation will now be referred to, following Spalding Gray, as my monster-in-a-box. And while the structure continues to change shape a bit, here's where I'm at today:

Part 1 - Urban Tapestries and the mobile public

[This is my major case history, focussed on the entire duration of the UT project and its transition into Social Tapestries.]

Part 2 - After method

[This is the methodology bit, building off John Law's fluid results, elusive objects and unconventional forms, it critically evaluates my own qualitative methods.]

Part 3 - A brief history of pervasive computing and locative media

[This is the lit review bit, a comprehensive but necessarily selective account of technology research, art and design cultures.]

Part 4 - Play in the networked city

[These are my minor case histories (Sonic City & Tejp, Passing Glances, and Mobile Bristol) focussing on pervasive computing as materials and means of playing in, and with, public spaces.]

Part 5 - Mobilising publics

[Part of the major critical analysis, this situates the technologies, art and design practices at hand within the sociological literature on publics and mobilities.]

Part 6 - After the hype

[I close with my evaluation of future potentials for socially relevant technology research and design.]

Sometime in the next month or so I'd really like to start letting the monster out of its box by posting each part (including bibliography) online for feedback. I've been so fortunate to have such bright and diverse readers over the years, and I know the final version would benefit from your direct input. Of course, I'd also love the chance to show the university examiners how research and writing can be done publically and collaboratively! What do you think?


Anonymous Leah Ingrid MacLennan said...

My impression (I grew up in an family with several academics) is that you've taken on much more than most diss writers. You'll have the draft of a great book, when it's done, a book that I for one want to read.

Isn't that "method" of Lefebvre's simply analytic induction, Barney Glazer's useful (even for economists like myself) but largerly commonsense prescription for steadily working back n forth between observations and "theorizing"? Carry on girl, you're almost there! Leah

Anonymous Anonymous said...

If nothing is all im getting, I'll take better..

I myself have been very depressed lately, And now Pluto! But good news....I have a date tonight with one of my students, Whom shows a great capacity for oral showmanship:) More to come later...

She's part French part Indian!
She's a deja vu-navajo

Cheerz, M:)

Blogger Chris said...

I don't know if I'd have time to read your whole dissertation, but I'd hate to think I wouldn't have the opportunity! :)

You know you'd get some comments if you did, so that alone must justify it. And in the unlikely event that you didn't, it would at least tell you that nothing was completely out of place. :D

Best wishes!

Anonymous anne said...

thank you!

Anonymous Linda said...

sounds like a good idea to me. Looking forward to it.

Anonymous Lara said...

Yes please! As a UK based MA student who has been following your blog for a long time, I'm dying to read it! :) Thanks for your openness and always interesting atricles and comments....


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