Monday, August 14, 2006

IA Screen : Introducing the Canadian new media context

For the next six days I'll be participating in the BNMI's Interactive Screen event. You can check out the live audio stream during the days ahead, and I'll do my best to post notes and comment as we go along.

Susan Kennard & Daniel Canty started us off this morning with a brief intro to the Canadian context:

- margins, media, migrations: new media should not be only self-referential

- triple bottom line: social, economic, ecological

- new media as non-disciplinary or post-disciplinary work

- new media as social vector, as ethical vector, as world-building

Self-described Cree & European half-breed Cheryl L'Hirondelle welcomed us to the Native lands of the Banff area with gorgeous drumming and singing that served as a wonderful reminder of the cultural richness and complexity that Canadians live with every day.

I really loved Susan and Daniel's description of new media as non- or post-disciplinary practice, and Susan closed the intro with a brilliantly critical comment by Geert Lovink on the current status of multi-disciplinary work that I've asked her to forward to me so that I can post it here too.


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