Friday, August 11, 2006

Culture matters: designing for mobile and locative media

I'm off to Banff early tomorrow morning for the BNMI's Interactive Screen 0.6 event - really looking forward to hanging out with interesting people in one of my favourite places and excited because I'll finally get to play Blast Theory's Can You See Me Now? mixed-reality game, instead of just reading about it!

On Monday I'll be giving a short presentation as part of The View From The Inside Out panel with Jan-Christoph Zoels from Experientia/IDII, and Mark Resch from Onomy Labs. I thought I'd talk a bit about my research - what I see as significant interests and values shaping, and being shaped by, contemporary locative media design practices and the shifting relationships between, and amongst, producers and consumers. Ultimately, I'd like to connect these local observations to more global concerns of community and citizenship in the 21st century, and discuss what I see to be some of the most insistent challenges facing practitioners everywhere today.

On Thursday I'll give a longer and more detailed keynote address - I posted the abstract last month but here it is again:

Technosocial Screens: Mobilities, Communities, Citizenships

screen, v. to show, or hide from view; to sift or separate; to shelter or protect

New interactive technologies promise to reconfigure relations between producers and consumers, public and private, physical and digital, local and global - and in these shifting scenarios the screen takes on a multitude of roles. Not only are screens changing size and resolution, some are becoming softer and more flexible, and others are disappearing entirely. Some screens offer a bird's-eye view of the world that we can hold in our hands, and others tell us where we are - or could be - at any given moment. Whatever the type of screen, we can be sure of one thing: people, places, objects and ideas are being screened at the same time.

Together we will explore some of the critical ways in which new media technologies shape, and are shaped by, our changing experiences and understandings of community and citizenship. What kind of shelter and hope can we expect from a world of everywhere and anywhere media? From what, and whom, are we protecting ourselves? How are these technological practices sorting our everyday social, cultural and creative relationships? What, and whom, gets hidden - or cannot hide? How can new media technologies explore different ways of belonging and being together? How can they encourage diverse and lively participation and representation around shared matters of concern?

As always, I'll post my presentations when they're done, and I'll blog my reflections as the week progresses.


Blogger e-tat said...

Hang On. Locative media? Somehow I had not caught that as part of your repertoire before now. Or else the 'ka-ching' of recognition has suddenly set in.

Either way, do you mean things like web applications having to do with mapping, geolocation, finding hotspots, other people, plus things like RFID, et cetera?

How could I have missed that?

Blogger institute.of.zombie.studies said...

Banf seems like a nice place to explore interacting with people from indoors since last time I was there it rained everyday. Remember to stay calm and not dragged the podium with you when you address questions.

Anonymous anne said...

e-tat, yes my dissertation is all about mobile and locative media!

i.o.z.s. - i think the weather's supposed to be good, but i hope to catch at least one mountain thunder and lightning storm ;)

Anonymous Yaz said...

Looking forward to read more about this!

Blogger e-tat said...

I don't mean to badger you about this - but my question was more along the lines of asking 'what is locative media?' Because I don't recall anything you may have written earlier that made it such a distinct subject of inquiry. But the answer can wait - you've got other things to do at the moment.

Blogger Anne said...

sorry e-tat, i'm so overwhelmed with other stuff right now i must have misunderstood your question :)

at this point can i please just point you to an essay that matt ward and i wrote that was published in a recentlea special issue on locative media? it should answer some of your questions.

Blogger e-tat said...

Thanks. That does pretty nicely.

Sounds like 'index of spatial relationships' could do with clarification, for which I shall follow the Albert reference.


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