Thursday, August 24, 2006

Buildings for objects

Trinity College Library, Dublin and Real Gabinete Portugues De Leitura, Rio De Janeiro

Simply stunning places - it's still important to touch what we know. Today's databases may have larger holdings but they lack the spatial and cultural greatness I see here.

More at the nonist: Red-Hot and Filthy Library Smut (via cnwb)


Anonymous rodcorp said...

Hofer's book is beautifully produced, and has an intro by U. Eco on (non)imaginary and (non)ideal libraries. Highly recommended!

Blogger institute.of.zombie.studies said...

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Blogger institute.of.zombie.studies said...

Don't the folds in the architecture of Real Gabinete Portugues De Leitura remind you of a book? Also, the Trinity College Library's architecture reminds me of a photo album binding.

Anonymous Linda said...

Wow, the Trinity College Library in Dublin looks almost exactly the same as the social science division of the Royal Library here in Copenhagen. It does indeed make library visits a pleasure, like stepping into history...lovely.

Anonymous Ali said...

The Beinecke Library at Yale is spectacular as well. There's a virtual tour at

Blogger Moon River said...

amazing and sexy :)
makes me want to cut off my computer post (that pose and keep almost all day long..and night) and go out there to those un charted places


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