Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Technosocial Screens: Mobilities, Communities, Citizenships

I'll be giving a keynote address at next month's BNMI Interactive Screen - Margins: Media: Migrations workshop & summit.

Technosocial Screens: Mobilities, Communities, Citizenships

screen, v. to show, or hide from view; to sift or separate; to shelter or protect

New interactive technologies promise to reconfigure relations between producers and consumers, public and private, physical and digital, local and global - and in these shifting scenarios the screen takes on a multitude of roles. Not only are screens changing size and resolution, some are becoming softer and more flexible, and others are disappearing entirely. Some screens offer a bird's-eye view of the world that we can hold in our hands, and others tell us where we are - or could be - at any given moment. Whatever the type of screen, we can be sure of one thing: people, places, objects and ideas are being screened at the same time.

Together we will explore some of the critical ways in which new media technologies shape, and are shaped by, our changing experiences and understandings of community and citizenship. What kind of shelter and hope can we expect from a world of everywhere and anywhere media? From what, and whom, are we protecting ourselves? How are these technological practices sorting our everyday social, cultural and creative relationships? What, and whom, gets hidden - or cannot hide? How can new media technologies explore different ways of belonging and being together? How can they encourage diverse and lively participation and representation around shared matters of concern?

I think that audio and/or video of the entire event will be made available and, as usual, I'll post my notes here too.


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Anonymous Joe McCarthy said...

Wow, this is incredibly synchronistic ... I was just starting to compose some thoughts (and words) about sociotechnical trends related to proactive displays. On a whim, I remembered that Bruce Sterling used technosocial (rather than sociotechnical) in describing certain cultural interventions in his book Shaping Things, and in Googling "technosocial" (so I could embed a link to his book), this post popped up (as did another very interesting-looking piece by Mimi Ito). Judging from the abstract you shared from your keynote, this seems very much on-point. Please post (or send me) any slides, notes, video or other related materials. Thanks!


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