Thursday, July 13, 2006

The social perils of boredom

Drinking in The Empty Life, 1963 The Empty Life, 1963

"It's like with Anne Galloway down the block. She's bored and she drinks. More and more and more she drinks! Anne claims it's the monotony of housework that gets her down. She dealt satisfactorily with monotony when she had a job though, back before she was married. Actually, her real trouble isn't monotony. It's that she grew up feeling that being the woman - a housewife - is an empty, meaningless, thankless task. Her job on the other hand was exciting and meaningful. But Anne's husband won't hear of her working now. The result: inner conflict for Anne. Conflicts between the demands of marriage and her personal hunger for a feeling of self worth. Her boredom, her drinking, they're symptoms of that conflict."

Poor Anne! If only she understood that domestic married life and housework *is* meaningful! In my current incarnation, I'm in favour of boredom, and not against drinking.


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