Saturday, July 8, 2006

Note to self

Remember when Student X told you she hadn't submitted her final project because she was all depressed and feeling apathetic and really not wanting to graduate, not wanting to be done with school? You told her that you felt the same way at the end of your undergrad. And your Masters. And, now again, with your PhD. You convinced her that she would enjoy doing the work, that she could be herself. You didn't penalise her for its lateness, or even tell her when it had to be in. No judgement, no pressure. And what happened? She showed up the following week with a totally brilliant piece of research, writing and photography. Of course, she never came to get the project back, and you have no idea if she actually graduated, but still. How come you can't cut yourself the same slack? Huh. What the hell am I thinking? Rob's going to be here in a month. I really need to get my thesis shit together. Oh my god, how am I going to pay tuition in September? Or rent? Jeezus, you need to calm down. (You know, the new Yeah Yeah Yeahs album is much better than the reviews suggest.) And the dissertation will get done. Even if you can't see it yet because it doesn't look anything like you thought it would. You just need to get lost again.


Blogger Chris said...

Utilising my secret Ritual of Infinite Delusion, I am now temporarily assuming the next position up the academic chain of command from you and officially providing you a cup and a half of slack. It's okay to run a little slow on these things... good things take time.

If your thesis organises a mere fraction of your perspective into a coherent framework it's going to be well worth the trials and tribulations en route.

(The new Yeah Yeah Yeah album is bound to be underrated because they come across like a 60's garage band, and that sound isn't appreciated much in the mainstream. My wife and I love it, though).

As ever, forgive my bombastic audacity; just remember, when I grow up, I want to be one of the good guys. :)

Anonymous anne said...

chris - thank you! i am *so* going to put this note on the wall as a reminder of what to shoot for: "a mere fraction of your perspective into a coherent framework" :-)

Anonymous Anonymous said...

"the new Yeah Yeah Yeahs album is much better than the reviews suggest."

true! thanks



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