Saturday, July 29, 2006

Gone dragon-slaying

This whole finishing-up business is proving to be a special kind of hell for me. Seriously. Fucked.

So until further notice, this is my uniform and if I'm not outside reviving an old love I'll be inside writing my dissertation.

(ultra-fine dragon-killer art by rob dunlavey)

Oh yeah.

If you want to read something, I recommend what Matt has to say about making things and Rob on reterritorialising street space the Roma way.


Anonymous TpL said...

Yikes! I have to do this toooooooo! eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Bonne chance!

Anonymous anne said...

Tracey?! Is that you?! How the hell are ya? Are you in town?

Anonymous Leah MacLennan said...

Stay inside and write. It'll be very hot outside today. Also, it's the only way the diss will ever get done! Leah

Blogger Anne said...

Oh, that is a "super" cool uniform! That is a must have.

Good luck on the dissertation!


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