Monday, July 10, 2006


Prime-time network tv is different here.


Blogger Glen Fuller said...

"yep, I'm going to go fuckin' nuts today. I'm just going to lose it. I'm going to try on crazy and see how it fits."


Blogger Phil said...

In many ways I love Canada (excluding the 'actually going there' way, obviously). The wild places are beautiful, the cities are clean, and then you've got Margaret Atwood, Joni Mitchell, all that Michael Moore stuff about the no burglaries...

But I've never heard a funny Canadian comic.

(Someone will now point out that not only Bill Hicks but Peter Cook, Tommy Cooper and Groucho Marx were in fact Canadian, I can just feel it.)

Anonymous anne said...

phil - from what i understand, canadian humour is often inaccessible to non-canadians, but especially to americans. i've actually had people ask me what's wrong with us and our twisted, cruel, and desperately stupid humour ;)

but then again, even if lots of people think they're american, or that they suck, lots of famous comedians are canadian...

Blogger Ed said...

What a riot. My coworkers must think something is wrong, given the tears streaming down my cheeks. :)


Blogger Phil said...

I don't find it twisted or cruel, and probably wouldn't object if I did (I used to be a huge fan of the Doug Anthony All Stars). There is a nice in-your-face quality about [what I think of as] Canadian standup - you immediately notice the absence of the yes actually I am considerably cooler and smarter than you gloss that characterises [what I think of as] USAn standup, even at its most edgy.

I just don't find it makes me laugh.


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