Friday, June 23, 2006

Near field interactions

Timo, Julian and Nicolas have organised an interesting workshop for NordiChi on near field interactions. They're looking for people who want to make stuff and they're interested in user-centred approaches to understanding "the physical, contextual and social relationships between people and the networked things they interact with". Papers are due 1 August, and the workshop is 14-15 October, 2006.

I'm already overscheduled this fall so I won't be submitting anything, but I'd like to put this quote from Baudrillard's 1968 discussion of furniture and interior design in The System of Objects out there for people to consider:

"Today, at last, these objects emerge absolutely clear about the purposes they serve. They are thus indeed free as functional objects - that is, they have the freedom to function, and (certainly so far as serial objects are concerned) that is practically the only freedom they have. Now, just so long as the object is liberated only in its function, man equally is liberated only as a user of that object."


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