Sunday, June 25, 2006

BNMI 2006/2007 residencies

I'm really pleased to be involved with this year's Banff New Media Institute Co-Production Program - currently accepting applications for the 2006/2007 residencies.

These sweet gigs are where small, diverse groups of artists, designers and researchers from around the world get to spend a month together working and playing at a place with really great facilities, in one of the most gorgeous locations on earth - and I can't imagine why you wouldn't want to get in on that! But here's the official blurb:

"BNMI’s Co-production program is devoted to creative pluralism, different lines of inquiry, production and presentation of the work of new media practitioners. It fosters exchange, debate, discussion and uninhibited artistic exploration. The connections and points of departure related to art, technology, knowledge, communities of practice and cultures are continuously explored, by bringing together interdisciplinary participants in intensive co-production new media lab residencies.

BNMI offers three distinct annual block residencies known as the Co-production Lab Program. Each residency is led by three peer advisors and has room for 10 participants (individuals and/or small teams). Accepted participants can engage in all forms of new media investigation that queries the field. Our facilities support the production and exploration of interdisciplinary forms of practice and technologies including interactive expression, mobile media, visualization and collaborative practices, television, video, post-production, 3D modelling, animation, physical computing, immersive experiences, prototyping, and beyond."

Along with Andreas Broeckmann and Sarat Maharaj, I'm excited to be one of the peer advisors for the Reference Check Co-production Lab, and here are descriptions for all three residencies:

Almost Perfect
Program dates: November 05, 2006 - December 02, 2006
Application deadline: July 15, 2006

Almost Perfect is a rapid prototyping lab that explores the creation of pervasive mobile media in the Banff region. With the dedicated support of peer advisors, technicians, and production facilities, participants can develop basic to advanced level prototypes in the areas of locative media, site specific work, telematics, audio art, and responsive environments. This residency will also explore the political and social economic contexts of locative media and the wireless spectrum. Almost Perfect is a joint venture between BNMI and HP Bristol. Prototype development will be realized through the use of GPS enabled HP iPAQs and software developed by HP Research Labs Bristol.

Liminal Screen
Program dates: March 05, 2007 - March 30, 2007
Application deadline: October 02, 2006

Liminal Screen examines the ambiguity, openness, and indeterminacy of cinema in current new media practice. Working with peer advisors and technicians, participants are invited to work independently or collaboratively to focus on questions of screen-based work that is in transition.

Reference Check
Program dates: June 24, 2007 - July 21, 2007
Application deadline: December 01, 2006

Reference Check invites post graduate students and researchers whose work connects to new media, to come to Banff to develop concepts, create prototypes, have group discussions, and realize projects. This residency will support the professional development of participants and explore different modes of inquiry, questions of research, reflect upon different kinds of learning experiences, and question how new media finds validity in the contemporary and globalized world. Reference Check welcomes applications for both theoretical and applied research at all stages.

Residencies cost around CDN 1800 (about GBP 900 / EUR 1300 / USD 1600) and scholarships may be available for accommodation and meals. Travel and project costs are also your responsibility, so you'll need some kind of institutional funding and the time to sort all that out.

For details on the application requirements, see BNMI Co-Production Lab Program Application Requirements (PDF)

We're looking forward to receiving your proposals!


Anonymous Francois Lachance said...


Liz Lawely at Mamamusings has a project that the Reference Check participants might be interested in discussing as they develop their own conecptions. Liz describes it as follows:

It's called PULP...for "personal ubiquitous library project." (It was originally just "personal library project," but I added the "ubiquitous" so it would have an easy to remember name.) And it's the result of mashing up features from social bookmarking tools like and CiteULike and LibraryThing, personal library tools like Delicious Library and MediaMan, and mobile scanning and annotation tools like Aura.

Anonymous anne said...

Thanks Francois!


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