Wednesday, May 3, 2006

Tired and happy

So. Thirteen and fourteen year olds are like aliens. Pretty cool aliens, but aliens nonetheless. How could anyone be bothered by the kind of alien that border jumps when these creatures are allowed to roam freely amongst us?! It's a good thing that when they're cool they're super cool. I mean, there are a few students in my class this week who shine so fucking bright that all my fears for the future dissolve - it's comforting and joyous just to be around them. The whole group is alternately funny, inquisitive, withdrawn, clever, aggressive, comatose, sensitive, imaginative, confident, challenging, open, inspiring, critical, hopeless... Each of them contributes something unique to the shape, the feel, the very possibilities of our time together and I wouldn't change a thing.

PS. I now have confirmation from ladies age 13 to 43 that Mean Girls is scary true.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Regarding this? Why do anthropologists & sociologists study mobile phones?

I just wanted to show u this website that i belive this tech will soon be embeded into phones...!

If u really do study this, just thought i would share this..

Best, M:)

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here is the missing link!!


Anonymous asg said...

It sounds like a great experience to work with this age group in a positive manner. I always liked teenagers, they are so receptive to technology and willing to candidly think about the effects of things like cell phones or iPods. Very cool )

Blogger cwang said...

Mean girls is definatly true... a modern version of what Clueless was for my generation i think.


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