Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Back in August Occassional blogging for the rest of the summer

Update June 17: I've decided to slow things down and not kill myself trying to meet the August deadline. Over the summer I'll pop up here, at spaceandculture or at lost in dissertation. But probably not all that often because there are other things to do too.

2 August, 2006
Last day for submission to the thesis supervisor of six (6) examination copies of Ph.D. theses for Fall graduation.

Until then you can find me lost in dissertation or occassionally at spaceandculture.

In other end-of-term news, I also invite you to check out some of my fourth year students' final projects in urban cultures, as well as what the 13 and 14-year olds had to say about our i txt, therefore i am mini-course.


Blogger e-tat said...


Okay, I know you've got to do the nose to the millstone kind of thing. So good luck with it. But The number of comment-worthy posts around the 2005-'06 web has dropped of late, and it looks like people are outdoors doing stuff rather than dispensing various thoughts for those of us still tied to the beast.

Blogger Trevor said...

Gook Luck.


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