Wednesday, April 5, 2006

Safe passage

Brilliant: Amtrak Quiet Car Service

"Many trains feature Quiet Car service, intended to provide a peaceful, quiet atmosphere for those who want to work or rest without distraction.

To help ensure that our Quiet Cars live up to their name, please follow the guidelines below.

No Talking, Please: Customers must strictly limit conversation and speak only in quiet, subdued tones. If you'd like to carry on an extended conversation, please relocate to another car.

Mute Your Device: Customers may not use any devices making noise, including:

* cellular phones
* pagers
* handheld games without headphones
* laptop computers with audible features enabled
* portable CD or DVD players without headphones

Customers using headphones must keep the volume low enough so that the audio cannot be heard by neighboring passengers.

Amtrak personnel may ask passengers who fail to follow these guidelines to relocate to another car."


Blogger Phil said...

Our main-line trains have 'quiet coaches' - and O, the blessed absence of phones - but no talking? Seems a trifle extreme.

Blogger Tom Carden said...

Yes, GNER trains in the UK have this.

It's a great idea, except that strangely it's often the only place with unreserved seats, so many folks in the carriage haven't chosen to be there. Couple that with the fact that many of the folks who do choose to be there have brought screaming babies (presumably in the mistaken belief that the quiet coach will allow junior to sleep soundly) and you have a nice idea with a flawed implementation.

Plus, everyone thinks that 'just a quick call' on their mobile doesn't require them to leave their seat. That's a shame too, since I don't mind music or children or videogames, but that oh-so-21st-century half a conversation is still something I find difficult to deal with.

Good luck to Amtrak though.

Anonymous adam said...

Personally, I'd love to see some teeth in the enforcement of this. Like, maximum teeth.

Anonymous Linda said...

We have those in Denmark as well with reserved seats and the same rules except brief quiet conversations are allowed. Brilliant if you're travelling alone. They've been there for the past 10-15 years but I noticed recently that they are now being advertised as "rest spaces and mobilephone free area" where they used simply to be called "rest spaces"

Blogger Anne said...

This is how Via Rail deals with things:

"Most passengers need a quiet atmosphere to be able to enjoy their journey. For this reason we ask you to make as little noise as possible when you use a cellular phone, a radio or other similar device.

You may use your cellular phone aboard, but we ask you to do so discreetly. It is preferable to turn the ring tone off. If you absolutely must receive a call, please make sure the ring tone is set at minimum volume.

If you want to listen to the radio, a CD or cassette, you must use a headset.

Thank you for your understanding."

So Canadian?!


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