Friday, April 28, 2006

The not-so-secret lives of objects

Have You Been Out Today?
The Life of a Pen
"I had an idea a while ago to take one new pen and use it exclusively in a new sketchbook until the last drop of ink had departed its valiant, ragged fibre tip. The pen may not be used outside of its dedicated book and the book may not be marked with any other pen (at least not until this one's dead and gone). No pencilling allowed, no proper work, just aimless doodling like I used to do a lot of but don't so much any more. Them's the rules."

Life of a Pen Page Eight
"Nobly ignoring my prophecies of imminent demise some time ago the pen soldiers on heroically..."

Life of a Pen Page Twelve
"Just getting over a monster cold which may have contributed to the dark tone of this page, though it's at least as much to do with the state of the pen: as it's drying out it lends itself more to scritchy scratchy shading."

Life of a Pen Page Nineteen
"It really must nearly be over now. The fibre tip is worn down to less than 0.5mm long. Maybe the ink will run out first but surely another page or two will see off the last remains of the tip. In the meantime, it draws on..."

Yesterday: Life of a Pen Page Twenty-Three...



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