Thursday, April 13, 2006


The Miracle of Cephalopodization

"The cephalopods, formless, tentacled animals, are a significant incarnation of the monsters that tend to symbolize the spirits of the infernal regions. Their ink represents darkness. But used as a culinary ingredient, the fluid also makes for a magnificent sauce used in flavouring paellas and other rice dishes. The Nootka Indians of Vancouver believe that the squid was the first to possess the secret of fire. As the lore goes, several Nootka warriors stole this secret from the creature; the squid subsequently took legal action, but the judicial system was exasperatingly slow and the squid turned into a jellyfish, or medusa. In all known cosmogonies the medusa has bared a negative reputation; it is antisocial, aggressive, and goes hysterical whenever someone enters its den. With its head ringed of serpents, the mere sight of the Gorgon was enough to turn an enemy to stone. The jellyfish provided H. R. Geiger with the inspiration for his Alien, and Vilém Flusser for his Vampiroteutus Infernalis. At Valhamönde Senator Tessek directed the miracle of cephalopod transmutation as a transition to a distorted image of the self, although this is denied by Judaism, Christianity and Islam, which all favour a linear rather than a cyclical conception of time."

Joan Fontcuberta - Miracles & Co.



Anonymous NIcolas said...

Slightly related:wtach this video:

Blogger Geoff Manaugh said...

And now you can look at several hundred cephalopod photographs, courtesy of Flickr...

Blogger Andreas said...

Ďa! Cthulhu fthagn!


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