Wednesday, March 8, 2006

To Montreal in search of physical memories

Change of plans: I'll be in Montreal this next Thursday and Friday for a few meetings and to visit Joey Berzowska's Second Skin and Soft Wear class. I'm looking forward to hearing about the students' recent design projects in which they had to create a "second skin" that communicates information to another human/animal/object and explores notions of physical memory or traces of presence. If there are other interesting people or places to see, drop me a line and let me know.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bonjour Anne, I dont know if this is ur cup of tea..? but im involved in a nightclub in Montreal called

on thurday nights its really fun drinking and lots of music!...although the crowd tends to be around 21 to 30 years of age on ave..i wanted to let u know that if u and your friends would like to go i can arrange for u all to be on the guest list and get in for free or even have a table if u would like for free...

I can not be your host because i am out of town in los angeles till next week or would have at least made the offer to show u the city a bit :)

Also there are the film festivals going on when u are there fyi....

24th International Festival of Films on Art

Festivals & Events

3/9/2006 - 3/19/2006
Presenting 250 films in the following disciplines: painting, dance, sculpture, architecture, design, theatre, photography, art history, cinema, literature and music.


(514) 874-1637 (Telephone)

Warm regards, Michael:)

Blogger Anne said...

Thanks Michael! With the change of plans shifting my visit to next week, there's still time to plan things :)


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