Saturday, March 25, 2006

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Wired: What You'll Wear in 10 Years

"With the rapid merging of fashion and technology, future brands of haute couture will probably owe more to Cisco Systems than Coco Chanel...But we're not just talking about clothes made with cool fabrics that retain their shapes or better resist stains -- what's known as 'smart clothing.' We're also talking about clothing with new technology incorporated into its design, aka 'wearable technology'...Students at the Media Lab at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology believe young men with a keen interest in technology are more likely to embrace wearable technology trends than are women, who will prefer 'computational clothing,' which does not sacrifice its aesthetic value for the sake of technology."

I've always associated the design and production of soft computing, electronic textiles, computational clothing, etc. with women - but not because I assumed girls like pretty things and guys like cool things. I thought maybe the Media Lab was stuck in some sort of weird gender-role time-warp, but it seems that Sony also still thinks that girls like pink or white gadgets and boys like blue or black ones. Sigh.

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