Thursday, March 16, 2006


Today I've got class to teach and papers to mark, but tomorrow morning I'm off to Montreal for a couple of days.

On Thursday I'm scheduled to speak in Joey Berzowska's Second Skin and Software class about critical research and design - and I'm also looking forward to discussing the students' final project proposals on "second skins that are not what they seem". On Friday, I'm looking forward to meeting with some folks from the Digital Cities Project and Hexagram. And last, but not least, I can't wait for my customary visit to the CCA, where the current exhibition - Sense of the City - is "dedicated to the theme of urban phenomena and perceptions which have traditionally been ignored, repressed, or maligned." More when I get back.


Anonymous jean said...

Very curious what the 'repressed, ignored and maligned' turn out to be. The traditionally recuperated practices and identities - graffiti, say - or something else?

Anonymous Anonymous said...


Reading ur posts for the last many months has had a affect on me..mostly one of what in the world does this word mean and that word mean ...However! a larger experience has come from it for me...

Reading and writing growing up for me was very very difficult for me..special education classes and so on....I do enjoy reading and writing although i so rarely find pages or someone's work that inspirers me to write at all..

I wish i could reply to ur posts but mostly i dont really understand them...What is my point?

That i have realized how smart people are in ways i never really noticed and how passionate people are about learning...Like how u spoke about when u where in that library of that writer and how happy u where surrounded by all the books...

Anyway, i just wanted to say thanks , here is a Cyber apple:) for a great teacher..


Blogger cwang said...

The CCA exhibition is really interesting. I also went to see it you can view my post on it.

Im acctually at carleton too but im doing my masters thesis in architecture.


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