Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Internet of things? I Am Woman, Hear Me Shop!

BusinessWeek: I Am Woman, Hear Me Shop (14.02.05)

And my students keep telling me feminism won. Sigh.


Anonymous nicolas said...

beyond the smart/intelligent fridge, the internet of things is so clever!!!

wow, the underlying meaning of this is kind of ... depressing

Anonymous anne said...


Anonymous jean said...

you know what? I think I've just realised that I actually hate information.

Blogger Pattie Belle said...

5. Does enormously increased personal consumption give women more choices or empowerment?

Don’t be fooled by the few stories of women advancing in the world of technology. While there is much to celebrate by the small gains that have been made, it is all still subject to “business as usual” – an audience and their pocketbooks as an untapped source of potential corporate profit. We can play as long as we can pay. Don’t just sit back and watch as rampant digital commerce gobbles up the culturally marginal in its endless appetite for new markets. GenderMachine welcomes you to the techno-corporate colonization of gender and sexual preference as consumer territories. Think about that when choosing your next purchase...

~ from the GenderMachine FAQ


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