Wednesday, February 8, 2006

Woman: flesh and metal


Anonymous biella said...

this was one of my all time favorite shows. loved it. so when i went to guyana the summers of 1995 and 1999, i was surprised to find that the guyanese love the show, or at least they played a lot of reruns. i watched a lot of the bw those summers.

and of course the question remains, where have all the female superheros gone?


Blogger Anne said...

i have to admit i am more of a wonder woman fan, but you are so right -- where have all the female superheroes gone?! and why do so many of our "strong" female characters focus more on their looks than their actions or characters?!

Anonymous Matt said...

Have you seen Bulleteer, part of the Grant Morrison Seven Soldiers sprawl?

One of the issues it's dealing with seems to be female superheroes and fetishism - the titular heroine gets her powers from an experiment her super-porn obsessed husband conducted, which was essentially an exercise in attempting to realise a fetishised super-power fantasy.

It's Grant Morrison, so it's drawn broadly, and it's DC, so can't ever quite escape the mainstream's reliance on fantasy female forms to sell books (the covers), but there's some interesting stuff in there.


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