Friday, February 17, 2006

Thingers rather than thinkers III

"Things were pourtrayed before thoughts by those who were thingers rather than thinkers." -- G. Massey, 1883

Things before thoughts. Assemblies before assemblages?


Anonymous Francois Lachance said...

The reference to the work of Gerard Massey brings to mind some recent work:

The Singing Neanderthals: The Origins of Music, Language, Mind and Body by Steven Mithen

He proposes a model where before language arose there was another communication sytems which he calls

holistic (holophrastic, not decomposable into recombinable units)
manipulative (geared to influence one's own and others'emotional states)

Might prove suggestive for the implicit model that is emerging in the "thing" explorations at PLSJ : coming together for the sake of coming together rather than just to deliberate and make a decision

Blogger Anne said...

Thanks Francois - now I still have to sort out the limitations of "coming together for the sake of coming together" ;)

Blogger Glen Fuller said...

hey, i've been thinking about this question all day. in _Kafka_ D&G describe his work as a disassembly assemblage (or something like that, don't have it with me). It would lead me to believe that if we are talking about dynamic system, then assembly, as an event and play of bodies and passions, would already be part of an assemblage as such. The crucical thing isn't the coming together, which is always happening on various registers, but the delineation or cutting and (over)coding of a coming together and so on.

Anonymous Francois Lachance said...

How about a coming together that is not an arrival? assemblies that leave a little anticipation in the air :)

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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