Tuesday, February 21, 2006

CFP - Silence, Suffering and Survival

Society for Social Studies of Science - 2006 Annual Meeting
November 2-4, 2006
Vancouver, Canada

"This year's theme is 'Silence, Suffering and Survival', and it is designed to explore the overlooked spaces, boundaries, actors, networks, and artifacts of science and technology. We welcome papers and panels that address questions about the silences of silencing, unintended consequences, and persistence in science, technology and STS. The topic is meant to open up and stir discussion about theorizing in areas we may have overlooked such as the process of secrecy under which processes of silence are often conducted. Possible topics might include the science and technology of slavery, disability, survival, warfare, peace, and quantification. Discussions might address de-moralization and re-moralization within science, technology and STS, the sort of silence/noise created by technology/science, and how technology/science create and alleviate suffering and/or survival. This could include processes of survival that are often off the record, such as workarounds, 'older ways of knowing', older (non-scientific) ways of knowing, and ?"

Deadline for Submissions is April 3, 2006


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