Wednesday, February 8, 2006

Biosecurities research

Laboratory for the Anthropology of the Contemporary
The Molecular Sciences Institute, Berkeley, USA

Led by Paul Rabinow, Stephen J. Collier and Andrew Lakoff,

"The work of LAC is based on the premise that no stable solution has emerged resolving the problem of how to think about the human today. We are confronted with a multiplicity of heterogeneous discourses and practices which put anthropos in question. Accordingly, LAC is directing its efforts toward observing and analyzing how discourses and practices in the life and human sciences are currently being assembled in relation to shifts in social and political life... At present, LAC is in the process of developing a long-term research program on contemporary problems of biosecurity* and emerging responses to these problems."

Super interesting-sounding projects:

Nicolas Langlitz's Technologies of Interrogation investigates "the invocation of culture by actors in the security apparatus" and "the application of psychopharmacological agents in order to facilitate interrogation".

Andrew Lakoff's Biosecurity Scenarios: Planning for an Uncertain Future looks at "the work of strategic planners in transforming the illdefined threat of a bioweapons attack into a calculable risk".

And there are lots of working papers available too.


* biosecurity -- "the genealogies, imaginaries and emergent articulations of biological weapons and biodefence".


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