Thursday, January 26, 2006

The ordinary madness of dissertation writing

Today it seems to me that this whole business of dissertation-finishing involves no end of completely arbitrary obstacles in utterly farcical contexts. No really. It's like a fucking Beckett play. With bad music.

Update 31 Jan 06
Fate, Resignation, Persistence, Affirmation, Endurance: Beckett and Stoicism (pdf) - a fascinating lecture by infinite thought)

"Beckett’s critics have attacked his work for many of the same reasons the Stoics were historically criticised, namely for his atheism, his attention to the material, his denial of much salvation beyond a kind of internal struggle..."


Blogger Finch said...

Perhaps you could convince your committe that you've already finished, because in our age of potentiality the dissertation only fully exists in the moment just before it is realized.

Didn't work for me, though.

Anonymous e-tat said...

Absurd farce it is. Arbitrary too. It may help to read a Zippy cartoon.

Blogger Anne said...

Steve - you are so still my hero!

And e-tat, it always helps to ready Zippy the Pinhead ;)


Anonymous Mathias said...

"...arbitrary obstacles in utterly farcical contexts..."

You forgot to mention the humiliation, politics and insecurity of it all.

No real words of comfort, unless the fact that you are not alone might help...

Blogger Geist said...

It's like fucking Beckett. With bad music.


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