Friday, January 20, 2006

"I wanted to crochet myself in entirely..."

I don't know about it being womb-like, but there is something appealingly raw about this project.

Bea Camacho "Enclose," 2004

"When I started working on this piece, I was interested in hiding spaces and creating my own environment...I wanted to refer to ideas of fear and protection by slowly producing a safe space for myself...I wanted to crochet myself in entirely but I had no idea how long it would take or how much yarn I would need...I hadn't predetermined how the shape of the crocheted cover was going to come together so I was improvising the form and constantly trying to figure out which parts needed to join up in order to have it close around me with the least amount of excess..."

This clip is from the last hour of a video that documents an eleven-hour performance in real-time.

Thanks Ashley!


Blogger Glen Fuller said...

omg! looks like a tortured Elmo!


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