Saturday, January 28, 2006

Bring on the filler!

Rather than bitching and moaning about I much I hate these things, and then doing it anyway, I'm entering this with full love. So there ;-)

Four jobs I've had
- Telemarketer (4 hours of pure evil, I never returned from lunch)
- Grocery store cashier (food shopping will never be the same once you find out how we made that job bearable)
- Wal-Mart sales associate (you know, walking a mile in another's shoes and all that)
- Waitress (ditto - I'm convinced everyone should do this job at least once)

Four movies I can watch over and over
- Shaun of the Dead
- The Ice Storm
- Fast Times at Ridgemont High (yup)
- Almost Famous

Four places I've lived
- Athens, Greece
- Perth, Australia
- Quito, Ecuador
- Edmonton, Canada

Four TV shows I love
- The Simpsons
- Freaks and Geeks
- Six Feet Under
- Spaced (Thanks Es & Matt!)

Four places I've vacationed
- Galapagos Islands (the greatest place I've ever been)
- Four Corners (a summer road trip and love affair when I was 19)
- Cape Breton Island (I stood on a cliff overlooking the ocean and watched humpback whales breaching)
- Epcot Center (this should explain some things)

Four of my favorite dishes
- Thai green curry chicken & jasmine rice
- Spanish garlic soup with salad & crusty bread
- Vietnamese summer rolls with shrimp & bbq pork
- Moroccan lamb tajine with olives & lemons

Four sites I visit daily
- Google
- the university library
- my office

Four places I would rather be right now
- sitting at the beach with friends, wet from a swim, sun on my shoulders, cold beer in my hand

Four people I tag
- Biella
- Glen
- Foe
- Mel


Blogger Glen Fuller said...

perth!?!?! that is my home city! what were you doing there?

Blogger Anne said...

we travelled so much - and we lived in perth - because my dad worked in the oil business :)


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