Friday, October 14, 2005

Work sucks: thoughts on the affect of efficiency

Every so often I recall moments of existential angst I experienced 15, 20, 25 years ago and it sets me off in search of the philosophy and politics of life itself. In these moments I allow myself to be fully persuaded by poetry and emotion. I actively seek out where the "sphere of work and reason breaks down" and I revel in being "unemployed because of recognized insufficiency of loyalty to a regime which I could not love". But then, more often than not, I am kidnapped by the forces of productivity and made to be more efficient. In these moments, every bit of my body screams.


Anonymous Kevin Bjorke said...

Thanks for the Camus link -- I think I just found my personal anthem :)

Blogger Geist said...

Adorno also writes of the perverse pleasure/enjoyment at functioning well.

btw, can you pls tell me how you integrated the verify code below? i much need it for my blog, too.

Blogger Anne said...

You're welcome kevin, and let me know how that anthem works for you ;)

geist - can you give me a reference for that please? (and does he actually consider it 'perverse'?)


Blogger > Settings > Comments > Show word verification (check yes!)

Blogger Geist said...

Thanks Anne,
blogger must have introduced word verification recently, finally!, I thought you'd managed to include a bit of code from elsewhere in your blog "template".

Adorno. I'll have to rummage around in one of my boxes. It's definitely in his early essay on fascism (which reads more or less like a rip-off of Freud's "mass psychology").
I doubt he actually calls it perverse, that's my addendum.
Reference coming up.


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