Tuesday, October 4, 2005

Urban cultures and space operas

I've finally gotten my paper revisions completed and my Urban Cultures course figured out. (Comments are welcome.) I even managed to apply for a couple of jobs and catch Serenity. (It's not as clever as Firefly but it's still good, the chicks are still cool and the Reavers are still scary.) It's also October and 26C. Life is good.


Blogger Glen Fuller said...

hey anne, have you seen Virilio's essay on Dromoscopy? (one translation in _wide angle_ journal and the other in recently published translation _Negative Horizon_) Virilio outlines an argument very similar to Schwarzer.

Blogger Anne said...

Oh yes, thanks, I had forgotten!

Anonymous molly said...

Anne, there's a book called SuburbiaNation by Robert Beuka that you might be interested in adding selections from to your course. It's a look at suburbia and how it plays out in the media (for instance, Stepford Wives and suburbia). I might have a couple more on the suburbia front to send your way, but I can't think of them off the top of my head.

At any rate, your syllabus is assigning me readings for the annotated bibliography i'm working on this semester, and I really appreciate it.

Blogger Anne said...

Cool, thanks. I'll add that to my lecture resources and as suggestions for students.jx


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